Samsung VFD

Samsung SDI are headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and are a leading manufacturer of vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD). They developed their own VFD technology and started full production in 1988, since which production capacity has increased to 50 million pieces per year.

This type of display is a specialised variation of a triode. Electrons emitted from a cathode are accelerated by a grid and collide with a phosphor coated on the surface of an anode electrode in order to create luminescence. VFD’s have the following advantages over other display devices:

  • Emissive device
  • Very clear and bright display
  • Low voltage operation and low power consumption
  • High reliability and long life
  • Multi- coloured variations
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Fast response time
  • Modules consist of chip on glass technology including driver IC
  • Basic panels available
  • Custom displays are economically feasible