Microwave Solutions (MSL)

Microwave Solutions Limited design, manufacture, sell and support a full range of X-Band (10GHz) and a selected range of K-Band (24GHz) microwave Doppler Motion Detector Units.

These units can be incorporated into a wide range of sensors and are suitable for the following typical applications :-

Intrusion Alarms (Room, Vehicle) - Collision Avoidance - Automatic Door Openers - Traffic Control

Speed Measurement - Presence Sensing - Lighting and Energy Management - Home Automation

Motion Detector Units utilise the Doppler shift phenomenon to "sense" motion and are available in a variety of different formats. The MDU (Motion Detector Unit) is a miniature microwave Doppler radar sensor optimised for low power consumption, short range (<30 metres) and low cost. The circuit features a dielectric resonator stabilised FET oscillator, which provides stable operation over a broad temperature range in either CW or low duty cycle pulse mode and a balanced mixer for enhanced sensitivity and reliability.

For customers who do not wish to develop their own electronics, then Microwave Solutions also offer a range of complete detectors that provide digital outputs suitable for interfacing to a customer's own system.

Microwave Doppler Motion Detector Units, operating at X-Band (10GHz) and K-Band (24GHz)