Axetris Infrared Light Sources

Swiss company Axetris AG (formerly Leister Process Technologies) manufacture the Axetris range of infrared light sources for gas sensing applications in the mid-infrared range.

Axetris IR sources are suited for compact IR gas detection modules where a high emissivity, high reliability and low power consumption are key requirements. Axetris IR sources are micro-machined, electrically modulated thermal infrared emitters featuring black body radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime.

The patented design is based on a resistive heating element integrated onto a thin dielectric membrane which is suspended on a micro-machined silicon structure. All products are manufactured at Axetris’ micro-technology clean room facilities in central Switzerland.

Infrared Gas Detection Applications:

  • Measurement principles: non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR), photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy (PAS) or attenuated-total-reflectance FTIR spectroscopy (ATR)
  • Target gases: CO, CO2, VOC, NOx, NH3, SOx, SF6, hydrocarbons, humidity, anesthetic agents, refrigerants, breath alcohols
  • Medical: Capnography, anesthesia gas monitoring, respiration monitoring, pulmonary function monitoring, breath alcohol measurement
  • Automotive / Transportation: Exhaust gas monitoring, breath alcohol testing (Interlock/Alcolock), demand controlled ventilation
  • HVAC: Demand controlled ventilation, refrigerant monitoring
  • Safety & Industry: Combustion gas analyzers, gas detection in fluids, incubators


  • True black body radiation (2 to 14 µm)
  • High emissivity
  • Fast electrical modulation (no chopper wheel needed)
  • High modulation depth
  • High electrical input to optical output efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Long lifetime
  • Rugged MEMS design (passed the requirements of IEC 60721-3-7 Class 7M3, except for BaF2 and CaF2 windows