Photochemistry Illuminator

Pacer’s Photochemistry LED Illuminator has been developed for the research and analysis of photo‐chemistry samples.

The system offers the option to use LED arrays of differing wavelengths, with a selection of housings to accommodate a range of sample types. LEDs are mounted on cassettes for easy interchangeability, with 6 standard wavelengths available and in 24 or 48 well configurations. Other wavelengths are available on request.

The system is fully self-contained and just requires a 240V ac power supply. The main control panel connects directly to the cooler and LED array using interconnecting cables, with the samples housed above the LEDs in a custom housing. The body of the housing bolts into the cooler, with the bolts going through the cassette to ensure the whole system is secured firmly. For eye‐safety, interlocks ensure the LEDs are not powered when uncovered. The custom LED driver module controls the LED output power and mode of operation: continual wave (CW), pulsed width modulation (PWM) or a combination of the two.

The following related papers are available from the Wiley online library - click to download:

A Detailed Study of Irradiation Requirements Towards an Efficient Photochemical Wohl‐Ziegler Procedure in Flow

The Right Light – De Novo Design of a Robust Modular Photochemical Reactor for Optimum Batch and Flow Chemistry

A related photochemistry poster will be presented by GSK at the 26th SCI Annual Review Meeting – Catalysis and Enabling Technologies for Synthesis - in London in December.

A complete illumination system including controller, cooler, LEDs and vial housing - with fully controllable current drive. Self contained - just requires 240V AC

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