New from B&W Tek is the QTRam™ for nondestructive and real-time pharmaceutical content and blend uniformity measurement. Powered by B&W Tek's award-winning STRaman™ technology, the QTRam provides the platform for solid dosage content uniformity testing, confirming proper concentration of the active ingredients in finished products, even through sample coatings. 

QTRam is a one-system tool for multiple applications including blend and content uniformity, formulation development, and counterfeit detection. The QTRam can quantify multiple components in a single scan for at-line monitoring and final product release, and is the ideal tool for solid dosage analysis with no disposal cost, consumables or sample preparation required. The QTRam comes equipped with B&W Tek's portable lab-grade high-throughput Raman spectrometer system, the QT-Sampler quantitative transmission module, easy-to-use 21CFR Part 11 compliant BWAnalyst™ software (operated using the onboard touchscreen), and two standard sample holders with customizable holders available. 

The B&W Tek pharmaceutical analytical suite for rapid and nondestructive analysis of materials also includes the STRam™ with see-through identification technology, NanoRam® for raw material identification, and NanoLIBS® handheld LIBS system for ionic salt identification.

Data is available on our Materials ID webpage.