Brimrose AOTF Technology Going to the Moon

Pacer's supplier Brimrose was selected to partner NASA’s Ames Research Center in the development of a spectrometer system which will travel to the moon to help determine if there is water there.

Brimrose was selected, on the basis of their superior AO technology, to partner Ames on this project. The Near-Infrared Volatiles Spectrometer System, or NIRVSS (pronounced “nervous”), will be delivered to the Moon, perhaps as soon as 2020.

NIRVSS features an AOTF NIR spectrometer, a device that looks at light emitted or absorbed by materials to help identify their composition. In the lunar soil, that will mean detecting the different types of minerals and ices present – including frozen carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane, scientists expect – and differentiating between water and hydroxyl. The measurements taken on the lunar surface will help researchers understand what form the Moon’s hydrogen takes and how it behaves in the lunar environment.

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Brimrose product information can be found on the Pacer website.

Credits: NASA