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New Raystar TFT Displays

A host of new TFT modules from leading manufacturer Raystar incorporate MCU, MIPI, LVDS and HDMI driving interfaces, all round viewing ability and portrait mode.



The 3.5” RFI350U-AYW-DDN, in addition to being a 3.5" portrait mode TFT panel, also has IPS (In Plane Switching) Technology that provides all round viewing angle ability (80°), plus an MCU interface and high brightness of 600 cd/m².

The 4” RFO400B-AYW-MNN is a very interesting size, slightly smaller than a standard 4.3" WVGA display but it offers a portrait mode, IPS for a wide viewing angle, and a MIPI interface that has high speed data and clock transmission.

The 4.3" RFE430S-AVW-DNN offers WQVGA resolution of 480x272 pixels and brightness of 600 cd/m². The display benefits from the use of Vertical Alignment (VA) technology to produce an 80° all round viewing angle. The operating temperature is also a big advantage at -30°C to 80°C, which together with the high brightness, makes the RFE430S-AVW-DNN a great product to use in industrial outdoor applications. Landscape mode only.

The 5” WVGA RFF50XB-1IW-DHG TFT panel has an HDMI interface which can be integrated directly to a Raspberry PI and other commercially available single board computers for quick and easy demonstration of your product. Furthermore, it comes with projected capacitive touchscreen as standard. Landscape mode only.

The 5" RF3500D-AYW-MNN TFT panel has great all round viewing angle ability, with IPS Technology, and very high HD resolution of 720x1280 in a portrait mode format. This module also has a MIPI interface.

The 7" RFU700W-AYW-LNN TFT panel combines portrait mode with brightness of 450 cd/m² and an IPS-enabled viewing angle of 85° all around. The display is driven via an LVDS interface and has a high resolution of 800x1280 dots.

For more details and product data sheets, visit our Small TFT Product Page