To Distribution and Beyond

To Distribution and Beyond…

Could We Be Doing More For You?    

This year the Solid State group celebrates 50 years in the semiconductor distribution business. Key to the group’s success has been the development of Value Added Services – going above and beyond the core business of component supply to offer additional services and help customers solve problems.

Our partnerships with customers often begin at an early stage of a project, when our engineers assist in specifying, evaluating and integrating components and technologies into new designs. Technical support continues as projects progress, to help resolve any prototyping issues. Then in order to ensure a smooth transition from design to production, we offer a number of Value Added Services from our secure, bespoke ESD facility in Redditch, in line with our AS9100 certification:

  • device programming
  • firmware version control
  • tape & reeling and mini reeling
  • bake & seal for moisture sensitive products
  • re-testing and up-screening of components
  • specialist kitting
  • long term storage

Our dedicated Value Added facility in Weymouth features an ISO14644-1 class 7 70m2 clean room with class 5 enclosure for critical builds, an environmental chamber and a number of specialist capabilities for precision optical assembly.

Particularly in demand right now is our Sourcing and Obsolescence Services team (aka, appropriately, SOS!). This specialist business unit offers a comprehensive sourcing service for obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components. As you might expect, the team has been especially busy recently as lead times lengthen and allocation looms.

Our cover story “To Distribution and Beyond” in the September issue of EPD&T magazine explores a number of case studies which illustrate how we’ve gone beyond distribution and developed our partnerships with customers by adding real value.

Topics include lead times, assured sourcing, board manufacturing, quality issues with die, process improvement and configuration services.

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