Solutions for Quantum Applications

Excelitas is a market leading manufacturer of Single Photon Counting Modules, often used for detecting photons in quantum communications due to their high QE and low noise.  

Excelitas SPCMs are vertically integrated, giving them good control and flexibility on the APD which is the heart of the module. The SPCM module offers robust design with world beating photon detection efficiency, all packaged in a module that only requires 5V input and produces a TTL output for a photon event.

These modules can be used in free space, as the detector has a 180um active area, but are also available with an FC connector for easy fibre coupling to quantum systems.

The APD has been optimised for NIR applications, resulting in a very high QE at the 810nm wavelength often used for quantum communications. The module has a dead time of only 22ns and a pulse width of 10ns which enables it to have a very high maximum count rate.

More information on the Excelitas SPCM range is available on our product page.