VFD and EL Displays

EL and VFD technology both offer high brightness, long lifetime displays with high reliability.

Pacer offers the Lumineq range of Electroluminescent (TFEL) display panels, designed for use in a variety of applications including industrial, retail, military, aerospace and medical. The range also includes the TASEL completely transparent electroluminescent displays.

EL displays are built for demanding conditions including cold, heat, wind, dust, vibration, sunlight and even G-Forces. These electroluminescent panels retain more than 75% of their original brightness after more than 100,000 hours of operation, making them ideal for a long term design.

The technology offers unparalleled image quality in a wide range of challenging visual conditions and applications. The rugged nature of electroluminescent technology means that the displays can work between -40 ~ +80 ° C. The panels offer high brightness and contrast with a wide viewing angle of >160 °. EL also benefits from fast response time, small package sizes and low EMI emissions with reduced power consumption.

Pacer also offers a range of product enhancements, such as custom bezels, touchscreens, antiglare filters and custom driver cards to assist your design. A limited quantity of the Multicolour EL640.480-AA1 display may be available - please contact us if you require this product.

VFD displays emit light as electrons constantly collide onto phosphors which then illuminate or fluoresce. VFD displays are multi-colour, clear displays with high brightness, a soft light, wide viewing angle, low power consumption, easy application and high reliability. These long lifetime displays suit projects requiring longevity and reliability. We work with VFD suppliers across the globe and can help you source a solution.