Touch Screens

Via our partner DMC we supply touch screens for display panels from 3.8” up to 46” diagonal. Touchscreen technology is ubiquitous now – it has become the norm and is expected by users wherever they encounter display panels, across all applications.

Resistive touch technology is the longest established and has proved its reliability. Multi-touch capability can be added to resistive products to offer stable multi-touch operation. Capacitive technology operates with lighter pressure.

Resistive Single-touch touch screens from DMC - highly stable and resistant to external noise. Finger, glove, pen or stylus input with excellent detection accuracy. Simple structure and mature product therefore highly cost effective
Resistive Multi-touch touch screens from DMC - proven technology, reliable in industrial or medical applications. Resistive touch screens detect touched points by measuring voltage changes, and are very easy-to-use
Capacitive Multi-touch touch screens, also known as projected capacitive, from DMC - light touch operation, excellent durability. Multi-touch supports up to 10 touch points, and gloved hand operation can be supported. Made of glass, so tough and weather resistant