PCAP Panel Mount Displays

If you require  large PCAP displays, we offer the Planar range of  touch screen monitors. The Planar range is robust due to a top layer of glass, and can sense a stylus or gloved finger with accurate tracking of touch.

Durable and dependable, Planar Touch Screen Monitors have what it takes to perform in demanding point-of-sale (POS), point-of-purchase, and public environments. With decades of experience in rugged and extreme display application experience, Planar brings this expertise to touch screen monitors, making them the most dependable and well-performing on the market.

Multi-Touch Technology

Planar Helium Series monitors uses projected capacitive touch technology and can track up to 10 touch points, resulting in an extremely responsive touch screen, offering accurate swiping and gesturing.

Blue Light Reduction

Blue light has a short wavelength and produces a higher amount of energy. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light could damage your eyes. The Planar PCT2485 and the Planar PCT2785 incorporate blue light reduction presets. Varying blue light levels depending on the activity enhances visual comfort when viewing the screen for extended periods of time.

The Planar Helium Series is available in two size options - 24" and 27" - to suit a wide range of applications. Planar Helium Series monitors support both portrait and landscape orientation as well.

Helium Multi Touch Monitors

The Planar® Helium ™ Series of 24-inch (PCT2485) and 27-inch (PCT2785) multi-touch monitors offer a slim profile, glass front surface, wide viewing angles and a built-in HD webcam. With very light pressure from the user the unique, easy-to-use Helium Stand is easily adjustable from 15° to 70° or flat, creating the ultimate touch experience on the desktop.

The Planar® Helium™ Series features 24" (PCT2485) and 27" (PCT2785) multi-touch monitors with an edge-to-edge glass surface, wide viewing angles, and a built-in HD webcam.