Nano SBC

Nano-ITX boards measure 120 × 120 mm (4.7 × 4.7 in). They are fully integrated, very low power consumption motherboards, generally aimed at smart digital entertainment devices. Nano-ITX is ideal for small handheld mobile devices, retail POS terminals, battery operated applications, vehicle PCs or any other space-optimized computing system including portable ultrasound or point of care systems. They can also be used for digital signage solutions, such as embedded PCs for kiosk or multiple display applications.

  • Chipset: LX800/ CS5536
  • CPU: AMD Geode
  • Display: VGA/LVDS
  • USB SATA COM LAN: 4/0/2/0
  • Chipset: D510 with Intel® ICH8M Express Chipset
  • CPU: Intel® Atom
  • Display: LVDS
  • USB SATA COM LAN: 4/1/2/0