Thermopile Arrays

The Excelitas Cool Eye™ family of thermopile array modules offer thermopile arrays in various configurations on a pcb with communication interface and a 4-pin connector. These arrays provide low resolution image sensing, and can be used as imaging arrays for presence detection, energy conservation, alarm applications and non-contact temperature measurement.

Cool Eye Thermopile Arrays are designed for applications that require low resolution 3-D thermal images capable of resolving humans and small animals without the use of expensive, high-resolution infrared imaging cameras.

The thermopile chip is connected to an integrated multiplexing and signal conditioning circuit, E 2PROM and microcontroller with an integrated ADC for signal processing and interfacing. The modules also contain integral optics - lenses for different fields of view are available. The sensor is equipped with an internal reference temperature sensor for correct target temperature determination.

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Leading marketplace innovators in energy-efficient appliances are turning to Excelitas CoolEye™ for OEM indoor climate control and HVAC solutions.

The latest edition (4) of the Excelitas Infrared Sensing catalog - includes solutions for Motion Detection, Presence Monitoring, Temperature Measurement and Gas Detection

CoolEYE IR Imager Arrays & Modules brochure, including an introduction to low resolution IR image sensing
TPiA 4x4 Array

The TPiA 4.4T 4246 L3.9 small infrared array sensor of 4 x 4 pixels offers the benefits of easy signal processing with spatial infrared imaging at low cost. The module includes a small IR transmissive lens and the thermopile sensor. A microprocessor on the module board provides a calibrated signal and acts as the bus interface. These new modules are supplied with a 4-pin connector.

CoolEYE 16x16 Array

This CoolEYE TPA 16.16C 5572 L4.7 Infrared Image Sensor offers spatial resolution of 256 pixels (16x16) giving the benefits of fast response with relatively low-resolution infrared imaging.The new module includes a small IR transmissive lens and a new array sensor. A small microprocessor on the module board provides a calibrated signal and acts as the bus interface.

Low Resolution IR Imaging Read about the application of IR arrays to low resolution thermal imaging