Movement Detection

Pyrodetectors from Excelitas use the pyroelectric effect to recognize temperature variations by detecting changes in the infrared radiation received. Applications include motion and presence sensing, movement detection and intrusion alarm systems, and energy-saving motion-activated automatic light switches. 

Excelitas was the first to introduce a family of detectors offering a digital signal output. The DigiPyro® truly digital pyroelectric infrared detector family is a complete range of digital pyrodetectors in TO metal housings, and also surface mount SMD packages for high volume. The DigiPyro® range includes dual-element models (PYD1788, PYD1798), the PYD2792 dual-element SMD variant, the four-element PYQ2898 and PYQ5848, and "Smart" DigiPyro® models PYD1096 and PYQ1098 - smart pyros with total motion electronics integration. 

This video from Excelitas compares the analogue and digital approaches to motion detection, and shows how the circuitry can be simplified and component count reduced with a move to DigiPyro.

The majority of pyrodetector users will need some form of lens to determine the beam pattern within their detection system.  Pacer offers a number of off-the-shelf lenses for pyrodetectors thanks to our collaboration with Polymer Optics, a leading supplier of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) lenses and PIR lens design services to the security and lighting control industries.

DigiPile products are digital thermopiles ie they provide a digital output. Fewer external components are needed, reducing pcb space requirements, and EMI resistance is improved. All "Digi" variants include a proprietary digitising circuit (ADC). 

Excelitas  CaliPile™ is a new range of intelligent compact IR sensors capable of multiple sensing applications. This series of sensors include a highly sensitive thermopile detector and onboard electronics that allow the sensors to be set into three distinct function modes - motion sensing, presence detection and temperature measurement. 

Excelitas has several informative videos covering CaliPile operating principles, applications and integration - visit their  CaliPile webpage here. (scroll down for the videos)

Applications for the CaliPile Series include short-range presence detection with no additional lens requirements, non-contact temperature measurement and overheating protection, IoT and smart-home products, lighting and printer sensing, and general industry thermal IR detection.

Excelitas integrated thermopile sensors feature a thermopile with integrated processing - and some are now available in small SMD housings.

Moving from analogue to digital pyrodetectors can mean reduced EMC, faster design times and lower costs due to a reduction in pcb real estate. Low power devices run off as little as 1.8V and are ideal for battery powered applications.

The latest edition (4) of the Excelitas Infrared Sensing catalog - includes solutions for Motion Detection, Presence Monitoring, Temperature Measurement and Gas Detection

Multi Sensor Evaluation Kit

Excelitas Technologies offers a broad digital sensor portfolio. The core of this demonstration kit is a USB-to-sensor converter providing a serial interface to a PC. Each sensor can be evaluated with dedicated Windows software giving access to the basic sensor parameters. The serial communication protocol can be provided for your own software implementation.

PYD 2792

NEW Dual-Element SMD Pyrodetector well suited for battery operation in compact and mobile applications including alarms, motion detection and energy saving applications.

Internal integrated circuitry converts the element signals into a 14 bit digital output. Reduced voltage requirements, based on fully RohS compliant pyroelectric material.

The data is accessed by the host system through a proprietary one-wire interface to enable advanced signal analysis with your own detection criteria.

Quad DigiPyro Gen 2

This is the four element version of the low power DigiPyro Gen 2, and has a quad type element configuration with a single output. Operates at 1.8V - 3.6V. Selectable band pass function, selection of pulse count, wake-up / sleep mode promotes power savings and extends service life, making it ideal for prolonged battery-operated motion detection.

Dual DigiPyro Gen 2

This upgrade from our PYD 1600 Series offers significant reduction of supply voltage requirements. The PYD 1500 Series operates at 1,8V – 3,6V. In addition, PYD 1588 and PYD 1598 offer a selectable band-pass function, and a selection of pulse count options.

Dual DigiPyro

The DigiPyro® detector range in TO-5 housing includes many Dual-Element types, some with different window sizes. The element configurations are identical, along with the internal electronic circuits. The PYD 1788 is the lower-cost version with standard size window, while PYD 1798 offers better White-Light-Immunity (WLI) performance and Field of View. The Output signals are communicated in one digital bit stream of 2x14 bit, output via a single wire “Direct Link” connection to a suitable host microprocessor.

Quad DigiPyro
This PYQ family features 3 different Quad configurations, which is the polarity, spacing and arrangement of the four sensing elements. All versions have the dual output channels which combine two sensing elements in series connection to one channel output. In addition, a temperature reference output is provided, making the total output bit stream as 3x14 bit.
Low Cost DigiPyro
The PYQ 1748 includes a Quad design pyroelectric element, A/D converter and the digital signal processor, built into a TO-5 housing. All four sensing elements are electrically connected in series and transmitted in digital signal format to one output. Geometrically the polarity of the elements has been arranged to represent the best configuration for ceiling mount applications. The PYQ 1748 signal transmssion provides 2x14 bit and is identical to PYD 1788.
Smart DigiPyro
The Smart DigiPyro® family provides for a complete motion detector solution, with all electronic circuitry built-into the Detector housing. Only power supply and power-switching components need to be added to make the entire motion switch, a timer is included. The series has versions which can include ambient light level and sensitivity adjustments.
Miniature DigiPyro
This Pyrodetector features a miniaturized Dual Element Pyro in TO-46 housing. The PYD 5731 offers the same Direct Link interface as the regular PYD 1798 DigiPyro, for the output of the Dual Element Pyro and additional temperature reference output. The small housing and reduced element size and spacing will enable customers to reduce the size of their optics and design smaller motion detection units.
Low Power DigiPyro
The LowPower DigiPyro® further reduces power consumption, offering reduced current requirement at 3V supply and new programmable features: The Wake-up/Sleep mode enables the PYD 16 to save unit power, making it ideal for battery operated motion detection applications. 
Surface Mount Pyro

SMD dual element Pyro and DigiPyro for simple motion sensing. Small size enabling reduction of optical design size.

CoolEYE 16x16 Array

This CoolEYE TPA 16.16C 5572 L4.7 Infrared Image Sensor offers spatial resolution of 256 pixels (16x16) giving the benefits of fast response with relatively low-resolution infrared imaging.The new module includes a small IR transmissive lens and a new array sensor. A small microprocessor on the module board provides a calibrated signal and acts as the bus interface.

CaliPile TPiS 1S 1385

The most compact thermopile sensor with integrated signal processing within the range. It features a wide field of view and low power consumption. The technology of a highly sensitive thermopile combined with smart data treatment allows for much more than the traditional temperature measurement of remote objects. Once configured via the I2C interface an interrupt output can be used to monitor motion, presence or an over-temperature of remote objects.

CaliPile TPiS 1T 1084

Robust TO housing with an aperture, highly sensitive detector on a thermopile base plus processing electronics. The Sensor is provided with storage of calibration data and a number of digital filters. For all temperature measurement applications, the sensor is calibrated for temperature range up to 120°C or up to 200°C. The interrupt function also allows use of the sensor as a temperature alarm in industrial instrumentation.

CaliPile TPiS 1T 1086

Robust TO housing with an aperture, highly sensitive detector on a thermopile base plus processing electronics and a focussing lens for narrow field of view. The Sensor is provided with storage of calibration data and a number of digital filters. For all temperature measurement applications, the sensor is calibrated for temperature range up to 120°C or up to 200°C. The interrupt function also allows use of the sensor as a temperature alarm in industrial instrumentation.

CaliPile Evaluation Kit

The CaliPile™ Application Software is complementary to the standard Excelitas software package. The approach of this application software is a top-down introduction to the features of the CaliPile™ sensor family based on exemplary applications. It facilitates the first contact to our CaliPile™ sensors and allows exploring the multidimensional parameter range keeping an eye on the resulting behavior. Once having understood the internal structure and signal processing the developer is referred to the standard Excelitas software package, which gives more control on the basic parameters than this software.

Analogue Dual Pyro

This Dual Element detector family offers standard TO-5 housings with different window sizes. Whereas LHI 778 is designed to meet low cost and having small optical window, LHi 878 offers standard window size. PYD1388 has same dimensions and provides for additional EMI protection as option.

Analogue Quad Pyro
The analog LHi 968 series with Dual Element configuration is performance-proven top of the line product in high-end applications. The LHi 968 design provides for a reduced sensitivity to EMI and excellent White Light Immunity (WLI). PYD 1398 offers a higher level of RF immunity and is optionally available with grading for lower white light sensitivity.
Analogue Ceiling Mount
This series of four element “Quad“ Detectors provides all four elements connected to one common output. This configuration enables specific applications in ceiling-mount location when applied with suitable lens or mirror optics designs. Different window options are provided: Large window or standard rectangular window size. Various element polarities available upon request. For better EMI protection, the built-in capacitor option is available.
IR Imaging Click for an introduction to low resolution thermal imaging
Pyro applications information Download our application note on using pyros for movement detection