Off-the-Shelf Lenses for Pyrodetectors

The majority of pyro users will need some form of lens to determine the beam pattern within their detection system. Through our collaboration with Polymer Optics, a leading supplier of NIR lenses and lens design services, we offer a number of off-the-shelf lenses for pyrodetectors. 

The choice of either horizontal curtain or 360 degree circular beam pattern will depend on how the pyro is implemented in your system. These lenses are easy to use, with a hinged cap that simply clicks closed around the pyro. Dome cap versions are available now with flat cap lenses coming soon. 

These products fit all of our Excelitas TO5 pyrodetectors; solutions for surface mount pyros or custom fitting options are also available.

For lighting control, motion detection, fan and air conditioning control, vending machines, ATMs, street lighting

Cap Lens Range Designed to press onto TO 5 pyrodetector. Horizontal curtain and circular beam pattern versions available