Specialist MWIR Detectors

Pacer offers high performance infrared detectors (IR detectors), near infrared detectors (NIR detectors), MWIR detectors and accessories (NIR or near IR) from New Infrared Technologies (NIT). This range of PbSe lead selenide detectors enables very fast, low cost and low power consumption MWIR detector systems.

NIT manufacture PbSe infrared detectors using a process called VPD (Vapor Phase Deposition) which enables the manufacture of bidimensional Focal Plane Arrays. The main characteristics of these VPD PbSe detectors are:

- Complex detectors (Focal Plane Arrays),
- Detection in the MWIR range (3 – 5 microns),
- Uncooled performance at room temperature (D* > 10^9 Jones),
- Photonic detection (time constant under 5 microsec).

TACHYON FPAs combine integrated readout circuitry (ROIC) and fully uncooled MWIR performance, available as 32 x 32 or 128 x 128 pixel formats. The microCORE TACHYON module offers optimised size and is easy to integrate into cost sensitive machine vision or process control applications at an affordable cost.

The NIT range also includes Lepton single element detectors and the Luxell linear FPA with 256 elements. CORE-S modules add lower cost solutions to the range, offering comparable functionality to the HS versions but at lower speeds.

Industrial applications include laser welding and cutting process monitoring, quality inspection and flame detection. Military applications include muzzle flash detection.

Tachyon 1024 Array

Uncooled MWIR 32×32 FPA with digital interface and high-speed capabilities (10,000 images per second)

Tachyon 1024 microCORE

Uncooled MWIR module with USB connection and 1 kHz frame rate. Optimized size and affordable cost to ensure perfect integration in the production process, and priced for cost sensitive machine vision applications.

Tachyon 16k Array

TACHYON 16k FPA (128x128 FPA ROIC) with digital interface and high-speed capabilities (snapshot / global shutter). Pixel size 50um x 50um. Readout speed 2000 images per second. Data format 14 bits raw data. Programmable integration time from 20us - 1000us. 

Please note - this specification is for performance information only - the array is not sold separately.

Tachyon 16k Camera

TACHYON 16k Camera - uncooled MWIR Camera 128x128 pixels with high-speed frame rates up to 2000 images per second.  

Pixel size 50um x 50um square format. Spectral range 1.0um to 5.0um. Data format 14 bits raw data. Programmable integration time from 10us - 1000us.


FPA with 256 pixels (pixel size 600 um x 60 um) - incorporates a silicon window.


Module which incorporates the LX-FPA-256 FPA with 256 pixels (pixel size 600 um x 60 um) plus a mechanical shutter for 1-pt offset correction, and industrial mini-USB connector M12x1.

The module is also available in a camera with an aluminium housing, which can be IP67 rated if fitted with an IP67 lens. See datasheet for details.


LEPTON series single element MWIR detectors with different geometries, packaging solutions and preamplifier boards.

Uncooled high speed operation at room temperature - 1- / 2- / 3- TEC cooled options also available.

Spectral response 1 - 5 microns.