Integrated APD and PIN Diode Modules

Integrated APD Modules and PIN diode modules from Excelitas offer easy implementation into high performing Instruments. An APD module is comprised of an APD photodetector and a transimpedance amplifier in the same hermetically sealed package; a PIN diode module is similar but with a PIN photodetector. Having both amplifier and photodetector in the same package allows low noise pickup from the surrounding environment and reduces parasitic capacitances from interconnect allowing lower noise operation. 

The Excelitas Module range is shown below.

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Hybrid Receivers

PIN and APD Hybrid Receivers For Analytical and Industrial Applications

These hybrid receivers comprise of a photodetector (PIN or APD) and a transimpedance amplifier in the same hermetically-sealed package. Having both amplifier and photodetector in the same package allows low noise pickup from the surrounding environment and reduces parasitic capacitances from interconnect allowing lower noise operation.


Excelitas Technologies’ C30659-UV-1 includes a UV enhanced Si Avalanche Photodiode (APD) with a hybrid preamplifier, in the same hermetically-sealed TO-8 package, to allow for ultra low noise operation.

The UV Enhanced Si APDs provide very good response between 400 nm and 950 nm and have very fast rise- and fall-times at all wavelengths. The preamplifier section of the module uses a very low noise GaAs FET front end designed to operate at higher transimpedance than our regular C30950 Series.


In the CIPRM-1 series balanced optical receiver, Excelitas has incorporated the best features of high performance InGaAs photodiodes and a low noise, high gain transimpedance amplifier to offer a practical solution to detect small changes above the interfering noise floor of an incoming signal. The advantage is that the common optical noise is cancelled out.

This coherent InGaAs PIN balanced receiver module incorporates two low-noise photodiodes with well-matched responsivity in order to ensure a high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR). It has two single mode fibre optic inputs, an RF output, electrical supply inputs, and two photo-current monitor outputs. The CIPRM modules come in a robust casing with flange mounting holes for securing the module to working surfaces or platforms. Combined with a wide operating temperature range, the CIPRM can work in some of the toughest and harshest environments. The CIPRM series modules are available either fibered or FC connectorised.

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