Photon counting solutions

Pacer offers 3 types of Photon Counting Solutions from leading supplier Excelitas.

SPCMs have extremely high single-photon detection efficiency, and are much more sensitive than the PMT in the visible range. These modules contain a discrete APD detector and utilise the advantages of this APD to give excellent performance as single photon counters at very low light levels.

Silicon Photomultiplier Modules (SiPMs) operate at extremely high gains and provide another high PDE low light level detection solution. SiPMs are sensitive to optical powers of as low as 0.1pW. SiPMs take an alternative approach to SPCMs and contain a silicon multiplier chip as an alternative to an APD.

Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) provide higher sensitivity than standard photodiodes. Also ideal for extremely low-level detection and photon counting, APDs are generally recommended for high bandwidth applications or where internal gain is needed to overcome high preamplifier noise. APDs can be found in the Specialist Detectors section.

Single Photon Counting Modules – Excellent performance at very low light levels
Silicon PhotoMultiplier Modules – Very high gain modules sensitive to optical powers of 0.1pW