Photodiodes are solid state light detectors that, when illuminated, generate an output which is proportional to light level. A photodiode consists of a shallow diffused P-N junction with accessible connections. Photodiodes offer unity gain, which can be a limitation in some applications.

We offer industry standard photodiodes, photodiodes designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum (blue enhanced), and photodiodes designed with low junction capacitance for fast response.

ESPROS offers high-sensitivity, high-speed, low-cost photodiodes particularly suited to light-barriers, light-curtains, health monitoring and other similar applications.

ESPROS epc200
The epc200 is a high-sensitive, high-speed, low-cost photo diode for light-barriers, light-curtains, and similar applications. 
These photo diodes are designed to be used in a reverse-bias mode, whereas the reverse bias voltage can be between 1.5 and 20 Volts. This device allows the design of short to long range light barriers from a few millimeters up to tens of meters. The diodes feature a very high quantum efficiency of 90% in the near IR range, a reverse breakdown voltage of up to 30 Volts and a response time down to less than 100ns. 
The advanced Chips Scale Package (CSP) makes this device ideal for miniaturized systems where a minimal space requirement is key.
ESPROS epc300

The epc3xx family products are high-sensitivity photodiodes for light-barrier, light-curtain, smoke detector, heart beat monitors, position detection, differential measurement.

These photodiodes are designed to be used in a reverse-bias mode. This device allows the design of short to long range light barriers from a few mm up to tens of metres. Using chips from the epc3xx product line, linear or two dimensional arrays can be formed for any application, be it triangulation, spot location, angle measurement, rotary encoders, or similar. Spectral sensitive detectors can easily be designed by applying colour filters in front of the photo diodes.

The epc3xx devices have: Low dark current; High quantum efficiency; High dynamic range; Diodes can be used in parallel; CSP package with very small footprint; Near infrared and visible version available

Silicon Photodiodes

VTD series photodiodes are an alternate source for industry standard photodiodes

Fast Response Photodiodes

Photodiodes in this series have been designed for low junction capacitance. The lower the capacitance, the faster the response of the photodiode when the RC time constant is your limiting factor.

Blue Enhanced Photodiodes

This series of P on N silicon planar photodiodes has been designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum. Units with UV transmitting windows also exhibit excellent response in the UV

VTP, VTB and VTT Ambient Light Sensors

Ambient Light Sensors from Excelitas are spectrally adapted photodiodes and phototransistors, featuring Excelitas' IR-BLOC technology to give a response approaching that of the human eye.

There are three main devices types, one being filtered photodiodes, the second filtered phototransistors and finally wavelength selective devices based on III-V material.

They are available in a number of standard packages, including surface mount for automated assembly.

Ushio's Epitex photodiode range