Photodiodes are solid state light detectors that, when illuminated, generate an output which is proportional to light level. A photodiode consists of a shallow diffused P-N junction with accessible connections. Photodiodes offer unity gain, which can be a limitation in some applications.

We offer industry standard photodiodes, photodiodes designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum, and photodiodes designed with low junction capacitance for fast response.

Silicon Photodiodes

VTD series photodiodes are an alternate source for industry standard photodiodes

Blue Enhanced Photodiodes

This series of P on N silicon planar photodiodes has been designed for optimum response through the visible part of the spectrum. Units with UV transmitting windows also exhibit excellent response in the UV

Fast Response Photodiodes

Photodiodes in this series have been designed for low junction capacitance. The lower the capacitance, the faster the response of the photodiode when the RC time constant is your limiting factor.

VTP, VTB and VTT Ambient Light Sensors

Ambient Light Sensors from Excelitas are spectrally adapted photodiodes and phototransistors, featuring Excelitas' IR-BLOC technology to give a response approaching that of the human eye.

There are three main devices types, one being filtered photodiodes, the second filtered phototransistors and finally wavelength selective devices based on III-V material.

They are available in a number of standard packages, including surface mount for automated assembly.

Ushio's Epitex photodiode range