Supercontinuum Lasers

Supercontinuum sources have been widely used in nanophotonics, OCT, fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, photocurrent measurement and semiconductor inspection. Alternatively referred to as supercontinuum lasers, white light sources, or white light lasers, SC sources bring new capabilities, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership to a diverse range of industrial and R & D applications.

YSL Photonics develops and manufactures next-generation high power supercontinuum lasers. The YSL range is competitively priced compared to other comparable SC sources currently available - and Pacer International is now the exclusive UK distribution partner. 

There are six products in the range, all with outstanding levels of reliability, which YSL achieves by using Gain Switched FP seed lasers rather than mode locked devices. 

We can offer powers up to 20 Watts across a 400nm - 2400nm spectrum, and have the added advantage of flexible control of the lasers repetition rate. YSL also offers accessories and options which include an integrated multi-channel AOTF. The photonics crystal fibre is a YSL design and is drawn locally.

The range is shown below, with key parameters and a downloadable datasheet for each laser. We also have a demonstration unit available - contact us for more details.

YSL Supercontinuum sources are competitively priced and offer outstanding reliability. We offer powers up to 20W and have the added advantage of flexible control of the lasers repetition rate


High power supercontinuum source with external triggerable function and internal AOTF wavelength selection capability. It delivers a wide spectral output ranging from 400nm to 2400nm with up to 20W total power.

The >40MHz repetition rate capability of  the SC-Pro-7 makes it an ideal source for applications such as fluorescence, nanophotonics, flow-cytometry and OCT.


YSL Photonics’ SC-OEM is designed with a compact footprint for demanding medical and industrial applications. The SC-OEM, with single-mode fiber output, delivers a wide spectral output ranging from 400nm to 2400nm with up to 8W total power.

Repetition rate 100kHz - 25MHz adjustable (minimum 100kHz step size)


YSL Photonics’ SC-5 is a cost effective supercontinuum source with fiber collimated output or single mode FC connector output. With a total output power of more up to 1W covering a broad spectral range of 450nm to 2400nm, the system is an ideal light source for fiber component characterization, fiber sensing, OCT and other areas.


The Variable Linear Filter System (VLF) wavelength selection system is based on linear variable filter technology, offering a tuneable wavelength from 400nm to 840nm. The linewidth can be varied from 10-300nm, making it an ideal solution for fluorescence microscopy, nanophotonics and other application areas.


Plug and play wavelength selection module, featuring two outputs: broadband supercontinuum output (useful for broadband scattering, reflection and transmission spectroscopy) and single line tuneable output (useful for replacing multiple laser lines) which covers the 430nm - 1450nm range in one output beam, offering great flexibility for spectroscopy, microscopy and nanophotonics application.


Plug and play wavelength selection module for use with any YSL supercontinuum laser. With 3 integrated crystals, the module covers the 400nm - 2400nm range. Offers a free-space collimated beam as standard optical output; alternatively a single-mode fibre-delivered output is available.