Mitsubishi Laser Diodes

A range of high power, high efficiency semiconductor lasers for industrial applications, motion sensors and projection display systems.

Semiconductor lasers have lower power consumption and higher output than LEDs and can be used with optical systems having a higher maximum aperture. These advantages mean that they can be used for projectors that do not require focal adjustment.

Mitsubishi Electric has a range of lasers available, including a multi-mode semiconductor laser with a 638nm wavelength and 1W output (when pulse-driven) that provides highly visible, vibrant red colors for colour projects.


638nm visible light laser with high output power - 1.0W pulse, 0.5W CW. TO can 5.6mm capless.

ML501P73 red laser diode 638nm

638nm visible light laser with high output power - 2.5W pulse. Available in TO9 package with flat glass cap (suffix G84) or TO9 with collimator lens (H84)

ML562G84 red laser diode 638nm

660nm visible light laser - high power, high efficiency AlGaInP semiconductor laser in TO-18 can. Three versions - ML101J21 with output power  80mW CW (160mW pulse). ML101J25 100mW CW (250mW pulse). ML101J27 130mW CW (350mW pulse).  

ML101J2.jpg Mitsubishi red laser diode

830nm infrared light laser (peak wavelength 827nm) with high output power - 260mW CW.  High beam quality. TO can 5.6mm. Application Motion Sensors.

ML60171C 827nm high power laser diode