Instrumentation Lasers

Instrumentation OEMs need stable lasers they can rely on. Pacer offers a number of instrumentation lasers including Qioptiq high stability lasers, tunable lasers, Access Laser CO and CO2 lasers, and innovative fibre coupled lasers and lasers for Raman from B&WTek.

Our range of fibre lasers can address applications from fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy/microscopy, epoxy curing, laser pumping, materials processing, transformation hardening and plastic welding, precision welding, precision alignment, metrology, particle counting, fine cutting and micro-machining, laser printing, laser biomodulation, photodynamic therapy and and laser surgery.

Qioptiq’s single mode fibre delivery systems deliver laser light with absolute accuracy. Portable and easy to use, they are ideal for the most challenging precision measurement applications.

Designed to meet the challenges of high-resolution imaging systems, the iFLEX-iRIS is an extremely stable diode laser source in a miniaturized footprint, ideally suited to meet the demands of life science applications where laboratory space for instruments is limited and exceptional performance is critical.

The iFLEX-Mustang™ is a fibre coupled DPSS laser with integrated acousto optic modulation (AOM) for power adjustment and modulation. iFLEX-Mustang is ideal for biomedical instrumentation such as flow cytometers, confocal microscopes and DNA sequencers.

The iFLEX-Adder™ is fibre coupled beam combiner allowing the wavelength range of your existing laser system or bench to be easily extended.

Instrumentation lasers typically require high performance, to cope with the required data throughput, and extremely high stability to give reliable results.


With up to 450mW of continuous laser power, the BWF1 is a fully integrated turnkey laser solution. The BWF1 is built to include features such as an external TTL modulation port (BNC connector) and an LCD display for setting laser power. 

Wavelengths from 635 nm to 1540 nm.

BWF2 With up to 30 watts of continuous laser power, the BWF2 is a fully integrated turnkey laser solution. The BWF2 combines a high brightness fiber-coupled laser diode, thermoelectric cooler, power supply, and control electronics in a complete package system that operates from a standard wall plug. The BWF2 includes features such as a visible (red) aiming beam, multifunctional relay control for versatile laser operations, remote port for external modulation and control, and an SMA 905 connector.
iFLEX-iRIS Designed to meet the challenges of high-resolution imaging systems, the iFLEX-iRIS is an extremely stable diode laser source in a miniaturized footprint. Long-term power stability and reliable performance are maintained throughout the product lifetime by automatic closed loop control.
iFLEX-iRIS-fibre Increased freedom of design and ease of servicing is offered with the detachable kineFLEX® singlemode polarization maintaining fibre delivery system. Fibre may be selected with order or fitted by customers as a later upgrade option, to iFLEX-iRIS lasers with a centralised output beam. This detachable fibre delivers true “Plug & Play” design freedom.
Lasers suitable for Raman spectroscopy applications

Diode lasers and solid state lasers for high stability, high performance