Industrial UVA LEDs

With the number and variety of applications for ultraviolet (UV) light sources growing steadily, the LED is proving to be a serious contender for providing various intensities of UV light at reduced power consumption compared with traditional technologies.

Industrial UVA LEDs can be used for UV curing applications - high-power UV LED lamps are particularly useful in materials curing, with applications ranging from dentistry to electronics assembly and potting.

Ushio acquired Epitex in 2015 and now offers the Epitex range of UVA LEDs including high power UVA LED lamps mounted on a lead frame with a clear Silicon lens, UV surface mount TOP LED and high power TOP LED, high power UV LED arrays and high power UV illuminators.

Epitex became part of Ushio in 2015

Ushio offer UVA LEDs in a wide choice of form factor including high power TOP LED, surface mount TOP LED, molded and stem types and high power LED arrays. Wavelengths from 365nm to 420nm. Click the link to visit the Ushio website and browse the options.