Industrial Low Power IR LEDs

An infrared LED is often used together with an IR detector to form a sensing system. Wavelengths are offered from 770nm to 950nm, and a variety of package types and power levels are available. 940nm LEDs are perhaps the most widely used. 

Typical applications for IR LEDs include telecommunications, night vision, thermal imaging, smoke detection, target acquisition, surveillance, remote control, astronomy, environmental monitoring, spectroscopy, and scientific and medical instrumentation. machine vision, number plate scanning, automotive sensing.

Our low power IR LED options are shown below - click on the link to browse in detail.


VTE series IREDs are solid state light sources emitting in the near infrared part of the spectrum. The emission wavelength is closely matched to the response peak of silicon photodiodes and phototransistors. The product line provides a broad range of mounting lens and power output options. Both end and side radiating cases are available. Wide arrays of emission beam profiles are available. Devices may be operated in either CW or pulsed operating modes.

Excelitas CERLED® LED products on a ceramic substrate with high thermal conductivity, including CERLED® Point Light LED for when a large light emitting area is not wanted. Point LED features include homogenous light output, wide viewing angle and a light emitting area of only 50 micron.

Kodenshi GaAs emitting diodes, generally having 940nm wavelength, are provided as the EL-series

Ushio surface mount options - single and multi wavelength versions - 3.5mm x 2.8mm package

Kodenshi GaAlAs emitting diodes have a wide range of wavelengths and are provided as high-output CL-series (880 nm), ML-series (865nm) and HL series (850nm).