Spectrometer Accessories

Accessories for spectrometers include light sources, cuvette and filter holders, spectrometer probes and material identification software. A range of accessories is offered specifically for Raman applications.

Both lab grade and process grade Raman probes are available. The BAC102 has a trigger function. A new needle probe, the BAC201, replaces the BAC200 and is suitable for in vivo biological/biomedical measurement. More details coming soon - please bear with us while we construct our new site.

NR-RAA NanoRam® Right Angle Adaptor Right angle attachment improves accessibility and is ideal for measuring samples with large surface areas
NR-PCC NanoRam® Polystyrene Calibration Cap

Allows you to verify the NanoRam's calibration by simply attaching it the system.

NR-PAS NanoRam® Point and Shoot Adaptor Ideal for infield sampling of materials and is capable of measuring through plastic and glass containers
NR-LVH NanoRam® Liquid Vial Holder Adaptor Allows for in situ measurements of liquids and powders, in either a 8mm or 15mm vial.
NR-BSA NanoRam® Large Bottle Adaptor Features a curved light shield in order to reduce interference from ambient lighting
NR-TAH NanoRam® Tablet Holder Adaptor Allows for flexible sampling of tablets and has a lid to hold the tablet in place while it is measured.
NR-IMP NanoRam® Immersion Probe The probe is 30.5 cm (12 inch) in length and allows for in situ measurements of liquids and powders, and measurements of larger containers only accessible from the top
NR-IMPS-25 NanoRam® Disposable, Protective Sleeve Allows for easy testing of liquid and powder materials
BAC201 Fiber-Optic Raman Needle Probe Fiber optic Raman probe designed to analyze samples in hard-to-reach places, such as inside small cavities, tissues, and miniature reactors.
BAC102 Fiber Coupled Raman Trigger Probe Raman Trigger Probe offers a trigger function which is designed for versatility in making Raman measurements
BAC101 Industrial Raman Probe Industrial-grade probe - the probe tip can be immersed in liquids, slurries, powders, or directly contact solids, yielding highly reproducible results.
BAC151B Raman Video Microsampling System Raman microscope that is compatible with B&W Tek Raman systems, designed to offer the highest level of flexibility in facilitating Raman sampling for a variety of applications
BAC150B Raman Probe Holder Raman sampling accessory that serves as a holder for B&W Tek?s fiber Raman probe.
BCR100A Raman Cuvette Holder Easily measure Raman spectrum of liquids and powders by connecting a Raman probe directly to the holder
BAC160 Raman Liquid Flow Cell Sampling device used for Raman on-line process monitoring of liquids or gases
BAC104 Olympus Microscope Raman Adaptor Connect any of our laboratory Raman systems with your BX41/51/61 microscope from Olympus
FRP Fiber Optic Reflectance Probes Combines optical fibers at one end for sample measurement and is bundle bifurcated into two channels at the other end for connection to a light source and spectrometer
FDP Fiber Optic Dip Probes Fully immersible, allowing for real-time kinetic data to be collected
RTS202 Telescope Probe

The RTS202 is a telescope lens for our BAC100/BAC102 fiber optic Raman probes. When used in place of the standard shaft, its wide zooming range allows the Raman measurements of samples placed at a distance of 0.6 meter to 6 meters away from the probe.