B&W Tek is an advanced instrumentation company offering a range of modular spectrometers and spectrometer systems, including cooled and uncooled modules, high performance smart spectrometers, laboratory, portable and handheld Raman systems. The company provides spectroscopy solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, LED lighting and research communities.

B&W Tek manufactures a comprehensive line of UV, Vis and NIR spectrometer modules together with a wide selection of spectroscopy accessories. Common applications of modular spectroscopy include reflectance, absorption, transmission and emission. Each B&W Tek spectrometer can also be configured to measure absolute irradiance, making them ideal for LED and solar applications. The small TE Cooled linear CCD array spectrometer is ideal for applications that require low light level detection and long integration, such as Raman and fluorescence.

B&W Tek also offers a unique array of NIR and broadband fibre coupled spectrophotometers offering spectral coverage from as low as 350nm to as high as 2550nm. By coupling these visible and NIR spectrophotometers with various sampling accessories, they can be configured for a variety of applications such as transmission, reflected colour and NIR vibrational spectroscopy.