Acousto Optic Devices

Brimrose is a world technology leader in the area of Acousto-Optic components. Product lines include Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTFs), Acousto Optic Modulators, Acousto Optic Frequency Shifters, Acousto Optic Mode Lockers, Acousto Optic Deflectors, Acousto Optic Cavity Dumpers and Acousto Optic Q-Switches. Driving electronics are also available for all devices.

Acousto-Optic devices are used in laser equipment for electronic control of the intensity and position of the laser beam. Acousto-optic interaction occurs in all optical mediums when an acoustic wave and a laser beam are present in the medium. When an acoustic wave is launched into the optical medium, it generates a refractive index wave that behaves like a sinusoidal grating. An incident laser beam passing through this granting will diffract the laser beam into several orders. With appropriate design, the first order beam has the highest efficiency. Its angular position is linearly proportional to the acoustic frequency, so that the higher the frequency, the larger the diffracted angle.

AO Tunable Filter

Solid state acousto-optic device with no moving parts; functions as a tunable transmissive filter. It is able to precisely and rapidly adjust the wavelength, and intensity of the diffracted/filtered light by varying the RF power.

AO Modulator

Free space Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM) with RF driver; used to vary and control laser beam intensity. It is electronically programmable using a microprocessor connected to the Brimrose RF driver unit.

AO Frequency Shifter

The Brimrose Free Space Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter (AOFS) with RF driver is used to modify the frequency of the optical beam. Due to a Doppler shift, the frequency of the diffracted first order optical beam in the AO modulator or AO frequency shifter is shifted in frequency (wavelength) by the acoustic carrier frequency (wavelength).

AO Q-Switch

Q-switches are special modulators designed for use inside laser cavities. Brimrose free space Q-switches are designed for the highest conversion efficiency of RF energy into acoustic energy by attaching the transducer to the crystal with an advanced vacuum metallized process.

AO Deflector

Brimrose Acousto-Optic Deflectors (AODs) combined with RF drivers are specially designed for high-speed scanning applications such as laser recording, optical scanning, signal processing, etc. The AOD changes the diffraction angle of an input laser beam and its angular position is linearly proportional to the RF frequency, so that the higher the frequency, the larger the diffracted angle.

AO Mode Locker

The Brimrose Free Space Acousto-Optic (AO) Standing Wave Mode Lockers, with corresponding RF Variable Frequency drivers, are designed so the frequency matches the customer's laser resonant cavity longitudinal mode frequencies. It is necessary to adjust the resonant laser cavity mode spacing frequency to be equal to twice the original acoustic wave frequency to achieve mode locking. The mode-locking technique is actually a phaselocking process, connecting the various longitudinal modes by fixing the relative phase differences among them.

Introduction to Acousto Optics Download this guide from Brimrose explaining the fundamentals of acousto-optics