Optics and AOTF

Pacer’s range of optics and optical components includes Focus Variable Lenses and Laser Speckle Reducers from exciting Swiss company Optotune. Adaptive polymer based optics can provide a smart, low-cost, yet high-quality alternative to traditional optics. Using a liquid polymer, Optotune has developed a range of focus tunable lenses - offering freedom and flexibility to optics designers. Optotune's LSR series of transmissive laser speckle reducers allows significant speckle reduction in laser systems.

Acousto-Optic devices are used in laser equipment for electronic control of the intensity and position of the laser beam. Brimrose is a world technology leader in the area of Acousto-Optic components. Their product lines include Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTFs), Acousto Optic Modulators, Acousto Optic Frequency Shifters, Acousto Optic Mode Lockers, Acousto Optic Deflectors, Acousto Optic Cavity Dumpers and Acousto Optic Q-Switches. Driving electronics are also available for all devices.

Pacer offers a range of aspheres and IR optics, custom optics and lens systems.

New transparent EL displays from Beneq provide a way of placing user interface data directly in the optical path between eye piece and objective, eliminating the need for projection optics such as dichroic mirrors and coatings. Standard, off the shelf models are available, and datasheets can be downloaded below - however TASEL display glass is easily customised, and can be drilled or cut to custom sizes to fulfil your design requirements. The TASEL range uses extremely rugged EL technology, with a wide operating temperature range of -100 to +100°C, high brightness of up to 1000cd/m² (highly dimmable) and low power consumption.