ESPROS Time-of-Flight Imaging

ESPROS Photonics enables Range Finding solutions based on the principle of Time of Flight (TOF). The solutions excel in applications requiring ranging distances from approximately 20 cm to 10 m.

ESPROS offers a range of TOF Imager Chips and Modules including 1x1, 8x8, 160x60 and 320x240 pixel array formats. ESPROS' unique technology offers both photonics and mixed signal circuitry on one chip, giving outstanding optical detector performance.

Check out this new video on the ESPROS website demonstrating facial recognition/capture using the ESPROS imagers

Design support is available including a sample schematic diagram, low level software which operates the chip and outputs distance data, and calibration and compensation algorithms. Contact Pacer for details.


The epc611 chip is a general purpose, monolithic, fully integrated photoelectric CMOS device for optical distance measurement and object detection.

Various modes allow operation of the chip as a very fast one-pixel range-finder chip, as fast one-pixel range-finder chip with low distance noise, and as 8 x 8 TOF imager chip.
Please contact us for the latest datasheet as a new revision is due.

The epc635 is a fully integrated 3D-TOF imager with a resolution of 160 x 60 pixels (Half-QQVGA). As a system on chip, the epc635 contains, next to the CCD pixel-field, the complete control logic to operate the device.

The epc635 has a pixel size of 20 x 20 um and max TOF frame rate of  122/488 fps


The epc660 is a fully integrated 3D-TOF imager with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA). It is a highly integrated system-on-chip camera system. Apart from the actual CCD pixel-field, it includes the complete control logic to operate the device.

The epc660 has a pixel size of 20 x 20 um and max TOF frame rate of 64/256 fps


The TOFRANGE 600 is a industrial range finder based on the the time-of-flight principle. It measures the distance to an object by the time it takes for a pulse of light to travel to an object and back to the sensor. In order to do this, the sensor is equipped with a LED light source, high frequency electronics and a very light sensitive chip sensor. This detection principle is very power efficient and allows measurements at a high rate. The robust, light weight and cost effective design of TOFRANGE 600 allows it to be used in many industrial indoor and outdoor applications. 


The TOFCAM 635 is a new design of a miniaturized and cost optimized 3D camera able to take and process more than 10 HDR depth images per second in full resolution, compensated against ambient light, temperature and reflectivity of the scene. The system can work under full sunlight conditions, and outputs depth and greyscale images, enabling a direct jump into the latest technology of 3D depth sensing. All the complicated tasks around optics, illumination and signal processing are already solved.

Calibrating Time-of-Flight Cameras

ESPROS have released a white paper, with corresponding application note, detailing error sources for Time of Flight (TOF) Cameras and how to compensate for them.