Technical Knowledge and Experience

We’re a technical bunch – our sales, marketing and engineering team have all studied electronics, physics or a related subject and we understand engineering. Between us we have years of experience of solving design challenges and coming up with successful light-based solutions for a myriad of applications. Read about some of these successes on our case studies page.

We update our website regularly with new products and applications - find out more here.

Cyber Security

Pacer is committed to cyber security and has just succeeded in gaining accreditation for the Government's Cyber Essentials scheme, which protects companies against a range of common cyber attacks.

The cyber security measures we have in place secure our Internet connections, devices and software, control access to our data and services, protect us from viruses and other malware and ensure that we keep our devices and software up to date.

You can find out more about Cyber Essentials on the Government's Cyber Essentials webpage.

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