Pacer undertook a joint investment project to design and manufacture a complete, inexpensive ‘Box Build’ spectrometer to complement the client’s range of educational tools for universities and classrooms. As this spectrometer was developed for educational use, it needed to be simple to use and fairly robust - and to be designed and built for an incredibly low price. 

From the client’s initial design concept and product requirements, Pacer fully defined detailed technical specifications and went on to perform product design and design verifications to meet the technical and commercial requirements. The performance specification was a range of 400-780nm with a 1.5nm resolution, with the ability to make reflective, absorptive and transmissive measurements. The final product also included a modular cuvette system with integrated illumination.

The cross-discipline product design team included electronic, optical and mechanical design engineers who worked closely with Pacer’s production teams to ensure a focus on design-for-manufacture. Throughout the new product design lifecycle, progress was tracked and managed using Pacer’s secure and dedicated cloud based project management environment and liaised with the client with progress against tasks, milestones and phase gates.

Pacer brought the product through prototypes, preproduction stages and ultimately to mass production where we handle all documentation, materials, assembly, calibration, functional test and verification to ensure a consistently high quality of finished assembled and packaged goods. With modern MRP based supply management and stock holding agreement, Pacer ensures a continuous and uninterrupted supply of product to the customer.