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With the number and variety of applications for ultraviolet (UV) light sources growing steadily, the LED is proving to be a serious contender for providing various intensities of UV light at reduced power consumption compared with traditional technologies.


Applications range from chromatography, photolithography and curing of various resins to biological studies, environmental monitoring, purification of water, medical diagnostics, instrumentation and life sciences.


UV LEDs can be produced with output wavelengths at various points in the upper part of the ultraviolet spectrum from 245nm to 420nm. Pacer offers solutions in the UVA and UVC regions. Power outputs and efficiencies are typically higher at the higher wavelengths, and for true high-power applications, the LEDs can be produced as multi-chip modules or arrays of several devices. Such high-power UV LED lamps are particularly useful in materials curing, with applications ranging from dentistry to electronics assembly and potting.

Pacer offers a number of UV LED solutions including discrete lensed and unlensed LEDs, multi-chip modules and LED arrays.

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