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Cameras and Imaging

New Infrared Technologies (NIT) manufacture very fast, low cost and low power consumption MWIR detection systems. The detectors are made of PbSe material using a process called VPD (Vapor Phase Deposition) which enables the manufacture of bidimensional Focal Plane Arrays. TACHYON FPAs combine integrated readout circuitry (ROIC) and fully uncooled MWIR performance, available as 32 x 32 or 80 x 80 pixel formats.


The new TACHYON 1024 microCAMERA is an IP67-rated uncooled MWIR camera with industrial USB connection and 1 kHz frame rate. microCAMERA is an optimized size and priced for cost sensitive machine vision applications.


The Excelitas SmartBlue TM high performance digital linear array camera offers high sensitivity, fast readout, high dynamic range and low image lag - at an affordable price. SmartBlue offers the latest photodiode array technology and an industry-standard CameraLink TM digital communications interface in a rugged industrial housing. The SmartBlue's 80MHz pixel rate yields line rates up to 37kHz without compromising it's superb noise immunity, precise linearity and high charge transfer efficiency.


Excelitas industry-leading L-series and P-series CCD linear imagers - new improved versions of the industry standard P-series represent the latest in CCD technology, offering increased sensitivity and efficiency, increased capacity to collect, store, and transfer data, lower noise across the imager, and significantly less power consumption in a pin-compatible configuration with existing -712 P-series sockets.


Brimrose AOTF hyperspectral imager modules enhance image quality and reduce distortion in imaging and spectroscopy, biomedical and semiconductor applications, environmental monitoring and remote sensing.

A linescan camera is a simple device that combines a linescan image sensor with some form of focusing mechanism. The line-scan sensor has a single line of pixel sensors rather than a 2D matrix. Such cameras are ideal for industrial applications that require an image of a constant stream of moving material, and modern line-scan cameras can capture high-resolution image data extremely quickly.

Linescan cameras can integrate adaptive focusing mechanisms to scan six sides of any rectangular object. The resulting 2D captured images can incorporate 1D and 2D barcodes, text, and any pattern that can be processed via image processing methods. As the images are two-dimensional, they can also be interpreted by humans and can be viewed on a computer monitor. Advanced integrated linescan camera applications include video coding systems, optical character recognition systems and photo-finish systems for sporting applications.

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