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All Products

10pt1 inch tablet PCs

Our new 10.1" model

3pt5 inch Industrial PDAs

Our most compact models

3pt5 inch SBCs

Subcompact 3.5 inch SBC for embedded applications

3pt7 inch Industrial PDAs

Including barcode and RFID options

4pt3 inch Industrial PDAs

Including barcode and RFID options

5pt25 inch SBCs

Compact 5.25 inch SBC range

5pt7 inch Rugged Tablets

Including 5.6" models

7 inch tablet PCs

Including RFID and barcode options

9pt7 inch tablet PCs

Now with built in HF RFID

Access Laser

Access Laser high stability lasers


Light sources, cuvette and filter holders, probes and software

Acousto Optic Devices

Brimrose' leading AO Devices

Ambient Light Sensors

Including ALS and proximity combined

APD and PIN Diodes

Photon detection from 220nm to 1700nm

ARM Cortex Based

ARM Cortex Based Panel PCs

Aspherical Lenses and IR Optics

Aspherical Lenses and IR Optics

Bars and Stacks

Solder-free clamp mounting technology

Box PCs

Compact industrial aluminium box PCs

Cameras and Imaging

Linescan Cameras and Imaging Arrays


Pump and Signal Combiners and Components


Computer-on-module Express

Custom Displays

Customisation and assembly of displays

Custom LEDs

To suit individual project requirements

Datacom and Telecom Lasers

Datacom and Telecom Lasers

Datacom and Telecom Lasers

Wavelengths from 1310nm to 1690nm

Datacom and Telecom Receivers

Datacom and Telecom Receivers

Datacom and Telecom Transceivers

Datacom and Telecom Transceivers

Datacom VCSELs and LEDs

Datacom LEDs and VCSELs


High speed, low light level, advanced photonic detectors


Panels and kits of all sizes for information display


Rugged, reliable, wide viewing angles, long lifetimes

Encoder Products

Encoder components and assemblies


An excellent solution for industrial applications with substantial I/O requirements


Fanless Power-Efficient Panel PCs

Fibre Laser Components

Combiners, Gratings, Fibres and Lasers

Fibre Lasers

Modules and systems from 100mW to 200W

Fibre Optic Illuminators

For borescopes, microscopy and machine vision


Single and double clad optical fibres

Fluid Sensors

Fluid Sensors

Focus Variable Lenses

Adaptive polymer lenses with electrically or manually tunable focus

Gas Sensing

Detectors for Gas Sensing

High Performance

High Performance Panel PCs

In Line Transparent Displays

Eliminate the need for projection optics

Industrial Monitors

Open frame, chassis, panel mount and rack mount including IP rated models

Infrared LEDs

Wide package range

Instrumentation Lasers

High performance, high stability lasers for instrumentation

Integrated Sensors

Thermopile sensors with integrated processing

IR Emitters

Infrared light sources for gas sensing applications in the mid-infrared range

IR Sensors and Switches

Reflective, Transmissive, Fluid IR Sensors and Switches

IR Sources

IR Emitters and Sources

Laser Power Detectors

Thermal laser power detectors

Laser Power Detectors

greenTEG gRay Laser Power Detectors

Laser Speckle Reducers

Significantly reduce the speckle noise of laser systems


Diode lasers, DPSS, fibre, telecom


Laser systems and components, bars and stacks

Lasers and Detectors

Laser components, detectors and spectrometers

Lasers for Raman

Lasers for Raman spectroscopy

LED Arrays

For higher power applications

LED Driver Range

For LED displays and LCD display and keyboard backlighting


Visible, IR and UV LEDs, high power, high CRI, LED modules and LED assemblies

Long Range

Modules from MDL in the 500-2500m range

Machine Vision

Solutions for imaging and machine vision

Material Identification

Lightweight, handheld Raman analyser for raw material ID

Medium Range

Modules from MDL for distances of 60-500m

Micro ATX

ATX and compatible Micro ATX format motherboards

Microwave Sensors

Microwave motion detector units X Band and K Band

Mil and Hi Rel

Products for military and defence applications

Mini ITX

Ideal in KIOSKs, POS, and the medical and gaming industries


Including cooled, uncooled, miniature

Monochrome LCD

High reliability mono character and graphic displays with custom options

Movement Detection

Thermal Detectors for Movement Detection

Nano ITX

Nano ITX 120 x 120mm fully integrated, very low power

OLED Displays

Excellent contrast, sharp images, vibrant colours and small size, mono and colour

Optical Assemblies

Optical Assemblies

Optical Communications

Transceivers, receivers, VCSELs and lasers

Optics and Acousto Optics

AOTF, Lenses and Optics

Optocouplers and Optoisolators

Optocouplers and Optoisolators

Panel PCs and Embedded Computing

Panel PCs for a wide range of applications

Photocells - discontinued

Range now discontinued



Photon Counting & L3D

Photon Counting and Low Light Level Detection (L3D)

Photon Counting Modules

Excellent performance at very low light levels

Photon Detection

Single photon counting SPCMs



Pico ITX

10 × 7.2 cm (3.9 × 2.8 in) - half the area of Nano-ITX

Public Display

Public information systems, scalable video walls, mosaic tiles, stretched displays

Pulsed Lasers

Excelitas pulsed 905nm lasers - up to 100W of peak optical output power

Pump Lasers

Lasers for use in fibre laser systems

Qioptiq Laser Diodes

Small laser modules with integrated smart electronics and TEC temperature stabilised control

Raman Lasers

Lasers for Raman spectroscopy

Range Finding

Short, medium and long range solutions

Reflective Proximity Sensors

Reflective Proximity Sensors

Remote Control

Remote Control and IrDA

Rugged Handheld Displays

Rugged units for demanding applications

SBC Single Board Computers

3.5", 5.25", mini-ITX, pico-ITX, EPIC and PC/104 modules


Sensors for light, colour, movement, and motion and proximity detection

Short Range

0-60m including compact high performance LIDAR-Lite module


Very high gain modules sensitive to optical powers of 0.1pW

Smart Light and Colour Sensors

Ambient Light Sensors

Specialist Detectors

High performance, high speed IR and MWIR detectors


Miniature, portable, Raman, OEM, modules, assemblies and systems

Sunlight Readable

Enhanced image readability in bright sunlight


Ready to use systems, including miniature

TFT Display Panels

required for the complete PC kit of parts

TFT Interface Kits

Flat panel TFT display kits - more flexibility for developing a customised system

TFT Panels

Industrial TFT, wide operating temp, high brightness and contrast


Integrated Modules for general purpose thermometry

Thermopile Array Modules

Array modules with integral optics and digital output bus

Thermopiles and Pyrodetectors

Thermal sensors for motion detection, gas sensing and thermometry

Touch Screens

Resistive, capacitive, SAW, IR, projected capacitive and camera optical

Transmissive Switches

Transmissive Switches

Ultra Rugged Tablets

Including 8.4", 10.4" and 12.1" models


Various intensities and wavelengths


UVA LEDs in the 315nm - 400nm range


UVC LEDs in the 250nm - 280nm range

Very Long Range

Solutions from Optitask addressing requirements above 2500m


Character and graphic vacuum fluorescent display modules

Video Monitors

Including replacements for Hexachain monitors

Visible LEDs

A wide range of colour LEDs

White LEDs

Variations on white, including RGB

X-Ray Detector Arrays

For X-Ray security scanning