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New Fibre-Optic Raman Needle Probe

The BAC201 is a new fibre optic Raman probe from BWTek, designed to analyze samples in hard-to-reach places.

The probe end is constructed from a single 200 μm core laser fibre surrounded by nine 200 μm core return fibres, all encased in a 3.0 mm OD stainless steel needle tube. The probe tip is sealed with a fused silica ball lens, which allows for high throughput and easy cleaning. The optical elements inside the needle are permanently fixed in alignment, with no possibility of movement due to impact or vibrations.

The probe can be used for immersion or direct contact measurements, and can access difficult to reach spots eg inside small cavities, tissues, and miniature reactors. The recommendation is to avoid strong acids, bases, or other chemicals that might attack fused silica or stainless steel.

Key parameters:

Probe Tip Diameter: 3.0 mm
Probe Tip Length: 15.6 cm
Overall Length: 1.5 m
Working temperature range: -50°C to +100°C
Raman Excitation Wavelength: BAC201-785 (785nm)
Rayleigh Rejection: >>OD3
Spectral Cut-off: 600 cm-1

For the full datasheet visit our Accessories Page.